Kiddie Cocktail Party Ideas

Make your Kiddie Cocktail party memorable with amazing decorations, music, food and invitations! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Surf Safari Kiddie Cocktails Party

Hang-10 Dudes with a swell beach themed party that’s sure to be a swingin’ shindig! Put on some surf music, get a handful of leis and get ready for some dancing on the sand dunes! Serve up some some tropical Kiddie Cocktails with some tortilla chips and guacamole, pineapple slices and bbq cocktail wieners

Kiddie Cocktail Fiesta

OLE! Grab your sombrero, crank up some Mexicana music and get ready for a fun fiesta of epic proportions! Mix up our Limonada recipe for a group and serve up some tortilla chips and tacos! Finish off the evening with a fun piƱata game and serve wonderful some cinnamon sprinkled vanilla ice cream!

Western Kiddie Cocktails Party

Yee Haw Pardners! Mix up a Roy Rogers or some Texas Tumbleweeds for your rootin tootin party guests! Get some classic country music on the stereo and serve up a tasty chili with a side of corn chips!

Secret Agent Kiddie Cocktails Party

Get your pals to dress up like secret agents complete with dark sunglasses and cool off with some Atomic Cats, Cherry Bombs and Yellowjackets… Shaken not stirred! Pair that with some Lex Baxter Exotica music and some cheesepuffs so you can track the fingerprints of any messy guests!

Tiki Luau Kiddie Cocktail Party

Aloha! It’s time to put on some King Kukulele and get ready for a tiki luau! Get your pu-pu platter together full of fruit shish-k-bobs and egg rolls and mix up some Little Pink Pearls, Lava Flows or the famous Nada Colada!

Hipsters Jazz Kiddie Cocktail Party

Put some swingin’ jazz on the stereophonic Hi-Fi, mix up a Blue Lagoon, a Boston Cooler or a Pussyfoot for your guests to sway to the beat! Serve up some cocktail peanuts, Chex mix or a crisp bowl of celery and carrots with ranch dressing for some crunchy snacks!

Circus Kiddie Cocktail Party

Get ready for some Big Top fun! Pop up some popcorn, peanuts in the shell and some cotton candy along with a punchbowl full of Dream Punch while you enjoy some righteous calliope music!

Kiddie Cocktail Sports Party

Don’t even think of gearing up to watch the big game on TV without some chicken wings, cheese cubes, Doritos, celery and carrots and a few Lime Rickey’s! Put on some rockin’ jams, get your sweatbands on and get ready for some serious party action!

Ice Cream Social Kiddie Cocktail Party

Crank up some Bubblegum Pop music, serve up some tasty homemade cakes, pie and ice cream and mix up a Black, Brown, Purple, Pink or Golden Cow for your guests and tall straws all around!